Management & Development for Struggling Facilities:

Management & Development for Struggling Facilities:
One of the essential goals of our Company is helping the struggling Companies to recover.
In accordance with The idea of “Better performance can lead to a better customer Satisfaction and lower Cost”, Our Company Developing a new Strategy to help the struggling Companies by applying Three keys:

  • Six Sigma & Lean Methodology.
  • Total Quality Management (TQM).
  • Analysis & review the Whole stages (Supply chain – Operations/Production – Manufacturing – Logistics – Projects planning – sales & Marketing), in order to:

– Improve The quality & productivity.
– Cost decrease.
– Maximize The Generated Value.
– Improve Process.
– Define the Risks and problems in production Cycle.
– More Suitable Environment.
– Improved customer focus and satisfaction.
– Enhanced shareholder and stakeholder value.
– Stay Business.
– Orientation the Products to the optimum Market.
– Elimination of defects and waste.
– Manage Cash Flow.
– Strengthened competitive position.